Community Commitment

Our Approach

First Assist uses a collaborative approach. We implement our program based on a community’s needs analysis. We consult with multiple local community members and entities to identify issues impacting the community. We invite community members to work in partnership with our instructors to further support and encourage the youth to reach their goals in school and sport.
Our full programming introduces a 360-degree holistic approach to develop a more engaged community towards student outcomes. Our four pillars are Education, Health, Capacity Building and Sport. Each pillar is delivered in a set sequence depending on the Community Needs Assessment
Cultural Preservation is at the forefront of our approach. We ensure the main messages of our program are delivered through the local dialect by using local mentors. We consult with local Elders & Cultural departments to implement collaborative program that honor local heritage and integrate cultural components.
Above all else, First Assist programs are results-based and results-driven.  We use multiple measurables and statistical monitoring to ensure the proper implementation of our programs and development of our participants.

Community Needs Identification

Community Needs Assessment

First Assist works with local governing bodies to establish areas of concern and a community specific action plan.


Implementation of full season multi-stage programs that incorporate mental, emotional and physical development and well-being.


First Assist takes proactive measures to build healthy habits for healthy futures for all of our participants.


Some communities have a much lower rate of high school graduates and participation in secondary education compared to the Canadian National average.

Coaching and Instructors

Many remote communities lack the resources to implement and monitor the development of practice planning and coaching strategies.

Community Involvement

Local involvement and support are fundamental towards children’s success in both academic and athletic achievements. First Assist takes every opportunity to welcome community members to work with our team, gain experience and help better serve their respective communities.


First Assist proactively addresses long-term education and health issues by promoting healthy habits for life. Our goal is to have all participants graduate secondary school, we help them by providing coping tools, setting goals and positive reinforcement.
We onboard both teachers and instructors. They must have a history of being a great role model within their own community and exemplify the 3 Cs of our internal culture: Compassionate, Considerate and Communicative. All teachers have qualifications in their respective provinces. All instructors have qualifications in their respective sports. Most of all, all staff are be good role models and actively engage youth and community, our organization is only as strong as each of our team members.
We aim to actively engage youth to focus on their health and education through sport. With the help of the local community, we can all work together to ensure a happy and healthy life for all.
Leadership training workshops and curriculum development allow local interns to develop the skills to engage and monitor local participants. The end goal is self-sufficient programming.
Our goal is to provide skills and strategies to community members and youth to teach and coach in their respective sport.
We have built a number of different tools to enhance the program and integrative processes. Our App and the technology tools help to adapt to new learning methodology pertinent to youth. We implement structures to reinforce a positive learning environment and tools to track individual and group progress.
Through the program stages, we gather feedback, actively and passively to learn and adapt to fit program needs. Monthly reports are generated, and meetings are held to ensure we are meeting and exceeding the community expectations.


Thank you for inquiring about our programs for your community, we hope we can help your youth become the leaders of tomorrow.

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