Education First

First Assist believes in education first. In the communities that our programs are operative we work daily with the local education institutes to ensure quality standards provided by the school are respected and upheld.

Local Collaboration

Local collaboration between our team and the school is essential to the students’ and our programs successful outcomes. Working with the local school body we ensure all program participants are actively engaged in school. How this is accomplished varies based on the individual needs of each school and its members.

Our education package can include but is not limited the following:

  • Statistical monitoring of improvement in school attendance and grades
  • READ Program for participation in sports within school hours (Respect-Effort-Attendance-Discipline)
  • Monitoring of students’ engagement in class
  • Sports Concentration Program
  • Use of transitional skills to be used in specific education fields necessary for high school graduation
    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science